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bitsCrunch Testnet Task 4 Is Now Live On CoinList

bitsCrunch, the AI-powered community-driven NFT data network, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Testnet Task 4, which is now live and open to the public on CoinList.

This new phase of testnet activities follows the great success of Task 3, which has marked an exceptional journey of engagement and enthusiasm: over 26,000 participants from 154 countries across 6 continents joined the testnet activities, resulting in an accumulation of 70+ million points and a total of 3.6 million tokens rewards to be distributed to 3000 winners.

Participants can join the Testnet on the CoinList platform, a leading cryptocurrency launchpad and exchange that provides early access to cutting-edge and established cryptocurrencies. This presents a unique opportunity for users to contribute in reshaping the future of decentralized data, web3 security and reliability.

The bitsCrunch Testnet is actively seeking enthusiastic participation from operators, projects, and users to contribute to the testing and development of the bitsCrunch protocol. The Testnet aims to ensure the security, operations, performance, and user experience of the network before its mainnet launch, expected Q1 2024.

With the launch of Task 4, bitsCrunch invites all users to engage in activities on the bitsCrunch platform, which will serve as a testing ground for the performance, stability, and scalability of the bitsCrunch network testnet API.

To incentivize and reward active participants, bitsCrunch has allocated 10,600,000 BCUT tokens (equivalent to 1.06% of the total token supply) divided in 3 pools dedicated specifically to Task 4.

Participants in Task 4 can accumulate points by actively participating in various marketing initiatives and regular activities on the bitscrunch.com website. These points will determine the eligibility for token rewards.

To participate in Task 4, interested individuals need to connect their Ethereum wallet (via Metamask or WalletConnect) to the bitsCrunch platform. This wallet address will serve as a unique identifier for monitoring participation and awarding points. Rewards will be distributed to the associated addresses of eligible participants upon the mainnet launch.

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