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bitsCrunch announces Community Sale on CoinList on December 14, 2023

InbitsCrunch, a decentralized AI-powered data network, empowers a new era in blockchain analytics. The native utility and governance token for the bitsCrunch network is BCUT (bitsCrunch Token). The BCUT token will be available for sale through CoinList, which will involve 6% of the total supply of 60,000,000 BCUT for public sale.

As per the announcement, the BCUT token sale on CoinList is scheduled to begin on December 14, 2023 at 17:00 UTC. The Community Sale will offer 3.6 million BCUT tokens at a price of $ 0.055 per token. The registration closes on December 11, 2023 at 12:00 UTC. 

The bitsCrunch network centers around decentralizing blockchain analytics and forensics. $BCUT plays a key role in achieving this vision. At the core of this initiative, $BCUT token is designed exclusively as a utility token to facilitate seamless network operations. The $BCUT token ensures a secure and efficient network functioning through the blend of cryptographic techniques and economic incentives, aimed at fostering adoption and upholding network security within the bitsCrunch ecosystem. The bitsCrunch network ecosystem is rapidly expanding drawing in a growing array of top companies from the Web2 and Web3 sectors

In the bitsCrunch Community Sale, participants have the flexibility to acquire BCUT tokens in the range between $50 – $2000. Community members have an opportunity to participate in the sale at a favorable rate of $0.055 per $BCUT. After the public sale, the buyers will then enter a lock-in period until the mainnet launch. There will be a 20% unlock at the Token Generation Event (TGE) followed by a 12-month linear release. The TGE is expected to happen on or around January 24, 2024. During the bitsCrunch community sale, an additional 10,000,000 BCUT tokens may be made available for purchase at the discretion of bitsCrunch Users who pre-fund and buy a minimum of $350 in BCUT qualify for an extra 450 BCUT. 

To participate in the bitsCrunch Community Sale, users must have their wallet funded with a minimum purchase amount of $50 in USDT or USDC before the registration deadline (December 11, 2023 at 12:00 UTC). Also, the users must fully fund their CoinList wallet with the desired purchase amount before completing a transaction in the community sales. The users cannot fund their wallet, once the sale starts on December 14, 17:00 UTC It is considered a must to complete KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) checks to participate in the sale Additional allocation request allows an increase in the maximum purchase amount within the community sale. Participants who purchase the maximum amount of BCUT tokens of $2000 will have the option to request an additional allocation. Post sale, unsold tokens will be randomly allocated to the participants who have submitted this request. They can request up to $2000 as additional tokens in the bitsCrunch community sale. 

Participants ranked within the top 2000 in the Testnet Task 3 will have the opportunity to join the priority queue for the upcoming $BCUT community sale on CoinList. Here are other additional criteria to ensure eligibility to join the priority queue,

  • Must have a KYC-fulfilled CoinList account and completed the community sale registration.
  • Users may not be residents of any of the restricted jurisdictions

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