Bitdefender UpgradesMobile Security for Android with PrivacyAdviso

bitdefender-awake01Bitdefender, the creator of innovativeglobal antivirus solutions, has released the unique Bitdefender Mobile Security to protect Android devices from malware and keep you up to date on what your apps might be doing with your personal data.

Bitdefender Mobile Security, which has won perfect scores for protection and usability in testing by independent analysts, now includes Privacy Advisor, a feature that lets device owners monitor suspicious apps that endanger privacy, handle sensitive data carelessly, deliver unwanted spam and access private information

PrivacyAdvisor enhances the other features of Bitdefender Mobile Security, including on-demand scanning, remote locking with Anti-Theft, minimized battery impact and cutting-edge antivirus software from the world leader in quality antivirus technology.

“Threats to Android devices are growing rapidly in both number and variety,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi. “Traditional varieties of malware area perennial, and growing, danger. But new threats are steadily appearing from among the apps users install on their devices. We’ve tooled Bitdefender Mobile Security to deal with all of these issues, and potential new ones, all at once.”

Last month, Bitdefender Mobile Security achieved perfect scores across the board for a second straight time in testing by independent security analysis firm AV-TEST. It caught 100 percent of malware samples and gave off zero false warnings. Testing showed no impact on battery life, and no slowdown of the device.

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