Biometric Device Manufacturing Company ‘ERWEIS’ Launches India’s First Fingerprinting Algorithm

Lumidigm_Logo-220x220 In today’s scenario when information security and access control are the most pivotal aspects of every business setup, it is noticed that there is a thin line between data usage and exploitation. The world of today functions on high data storage devices with limited means to prevent information leakage. To give business organizations a worry-free workplace Erweis has introduced a Fingerprinting algorithm for biometric devices. 

The fingerprinting algorithm invented by Bengaluru based company Erweis is primarily to assist in attendance tracking and access control. It is for the first time in India that such an initiative has been taken to amplify authentication method. From the very few companies on Indian soil who are working on outputs based on extensive research, Erweis’ fingerprinting algorithm involved backbreaking research of 3 consecutive years.

Apart from being the foremost company in India to launch standalone and handheld biometric devices with their independently built algorithm, Erweis also offers customization of algorithm to suit the needs of several industries. It seems defined that the product of Erweis will be of greatest significance as their fingerprint matching formula works on the ratio of 1: n, and is well-designed for 3000 to 10000 individuals in one company. Security solutions is of great demand at every sphere of business, hence Erweis shall tap into diverse businesses – ranging from National ID projects, Banks, Mobile Devices, Manufacturing Units and many more.

For the created fingerprinting algorithm, Erweis is working toward Intellectual Property Rights. The fingerprinting algorithm of Erweis promises to present a hassle-free method to deal with access control. And their future projects of face recognition and eye detection will open new avenues to security solutions in the country.