Dockem’s Koala Mount Makes Digital Bathroom Reading Less Gross

logo_dockem (1)While most people would not admit to doing it at work or in public, there is no shame in spending some quality time visiting the “library” at home. While sitting and reading, people will usually precariously balance their iPad or tablet on the edge of the bathtub or sink or lay it on the floor. This treatment is fine for a newspaper, book or magazine, but not pricey and potentially easily damaged technology. A solution for hands-free bathroom viewing is now possible with the Koala Mount by Dockem.

To use the Koala Mount, simply attach it to any convenient vertical surface (walls, tile, mirrors) in the bathroom, slide in your tablet, and read or even watch TV without having to hold your screen. Designed to fit all versions of the iPad and several Android tablets including the popular Samsung Galaxy tablet line, the Koala Mount can be installed in just seconds using 3M Command Strips. Stick the strips to the back of the mount and affix it to a wall above an outlet for safe charging, next to the tub, your bathroom mirror or anywhere else you need to be able to use and view and your tablet without having to slouch or bend over to see the screen. The Koala Mount features a hidden cord clip to keep your charger easily at-hand at all times. To use the Koala Mount, simply slide your iPad or tablet into the side brackets for a snug and secure fit. When you are ready to take your device on the go again, just slide it out of the brackets with one hand. Furthermore, the Command strips can be removed without damaging your wall, so if you ever want to move your Koala Mount from one wall or room to another, you never have to worry about repairing screw holes or repainting. New 3M Command Strips can be purchased at a variety of retailers to hang your mount over and over again. The Koala Mount uses two independent brackets allowing you to space them at the correct distance apart for your tablet. You also have the flexibility to use the Koala Mount to hold your tablet with a landscape or portrait view. The Koala Mount can be used along with many protective cases including the Apple Smart Cover, and you can charge any tablet while it is resting in the mount. The Koala Mount retails for $19.99 and includes 2 Koala brackets, 2 Standard 3M Command strips, a surface prep pad and full instructions. For more information about the Koala Mount visit