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BGMI : Landing in India soon!! But will it have the same impact like earlier ?

BGMI to arrive on 29th May (Image Credits-: Krafton)
BGMI to arrive on 29th May (Image Credits-: Krafton)

Yes you heard it right ! BGMI, the most awaited mobile game of this year is finally here. Indian government lifted the ban from the revolutionary game prior this month, and Krafton grabbed this opportunity with both hands. They earlier said “We are highly grateful to the Indian authorities for allowing us to resume operations of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). We would like to extend our gratitude to our Indian gaming community for their support and patience over past few months.”

KRAFTON has introduced a new marketing campaign called ‘India Ki Heartbeat,’ which highlights the narratives of gamers who embody the true essence of BGMI, going beyond its identity as a mere game and representing a deep emotional connection.

BGMI notice on app, arriving on 29th May (Image-: Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton)

BGMI Release Date Announced

KRAFTON has initiated the process by renaming their esports YouTube channel as KRAFTON India Esports, marking their first step in the rebranding efforts. As mentioned by the CEO, the company has also commenced providing services to reintroduce the title on various virtual stores. “India’s most loved battle royale title is available to preload from today, 27th May for ALL Android users.” Starting from May 29, the game will become playable. iOS users can download and enjoy the game from May 29, 2023.

As previously stated, the title will undergo a 90-day trial period, during which it will be monitored by the Government of India. If it adheres to the laws of the country, the game will be allowed to persist. Some users have already received an automatic update from midnight which is a part of the preload process. 

Players can, therefore, jump into the action-packed battles and prove their skills on the battlegrounds from 29th May onwards,” Krafton says. 

Expected Changes

One of the major concerns regarding the game in India was its addictiveness. The gamers used to sit around all day long playing the very same game without an ounce of boredom. In order to fight this issue, the major change would be in usage timings, after a certain hours players might be restricted. However it’s still unsure this feature can be toggled within the game or preset for all the users or only minors.

Another change is the removal of blood graphics, as red is a violent color, previously the game developers changed it to green, now it’s expected that it will be totally removed.

To be clear, as the header suggests these are presumed changes , which still don’t have real grounds , as the rumors will be cleared when the game arrives.

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