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Beyond Key Launches Cutting-Edge Technology Suite “Right cause” to Empower Non-Profit Organisations

 Beyond Key, a global IT consulting and software services company, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge technology suite tailored for non-profit organisations. With years of IT industry experience, Beyond Key has successfully recognised the specific technology requirements and concerns of non-profit organisations. The technology suite is designed to satisfy these requirements and offer a variety of solutions to improve operations and increase impact.

Right Cause is a non-profit CRM suite built on the secure Microsoft Cloud that comes with an end-to-end non-profit focus. It aids in gaining access to charity-specific features that will enhance interactions with both current and new donors. The suite includes a range of software solutions, including donor management, volunteer management, licensing, fundraising, contact management, membership management, and event management. These solutions are fully customizable, allowing organisations to tailor them to their specific needs.

The Right Cause non-profit-solution is custom-built to trigger workflows, automate tedious tasks, and track effects with robust dashboards at each stage. With tailored versions to suit the unique needs of every organisation, it can be customised to provide special versions to fulfil the various needs of non-profit groups. Additionally, it offers NGOs a basic, inexpensive grant management software that promotes teamwork, learning, and the sharing of best practises in a distraction-free environment. It provides a wide range of services to support the development of mission-driven organisations in order to boost funding, donor engagement, organisational effectiveness, and the amount of time spent furthering your cause.

Commenting on the accomplishment, Piyush Goel, CEO at Beyond Key, said, “Our purpose is to help non-profit organisations serve humanity by providing the right technology solutions”. As a team, we are aware of the resource and financial constraints faced by non-profit organisations. 

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