Best UV conveyors in India for your sanitisation needs

Best UV conveyors in India for your sanitisation needs

Best UV conveyors in India for your sanitisation needs

Ultra Violet Conveyor or UV Conveyors as they are commonly called have become a necessity in the new normal. These UV Conveyors ensure that the products passing through them are sanitised and 99.99% free from germs, bacteria and viruses. While humans can sanitise themselves and the surfaces they touch, it is impossible to not come in contact with day-to-day objects like fruits, vegetables, grocery, and other everyday items. While one can wash and sanitise small things at home, there is no such possibility when one goes out of home. These UV Conveyor belts for sanitisation can come to your rescue, and keep you safe from not just coronavirus but from other microscopic bacteria and viruses as well. We have compiled a list of the most efficient UV Conveyor belts, currently in the market. Choose as per your needs:

Atmos UV Conveyor Belt

Using a 36W UV C Rays light, the Atmos UV Conveyor belt sanitises and sterilises any object within three minutes. It not just kills 99.99% of the viruses but it also stops the multiplication of the virus. It can be easily used in schools, colleges, public places, offices where people travel with small and big bags. Another big advantage of using UV C light is the fact that the object that passes through the tunnel is completely dry, unlike the traditional conveyor belts that use traditional disinfectant spray methods.

Ultraviolet Disinfectant Conveyor by HS Engineers

Made by a Greater Noida based company, it offers Vegetable UV Sterilization Disinfectant Conveyor System. With a capacity to sterilise and sanitise 1-50 kg fruits and vegetables in one go, it is perfect for restaurants, malls, QSR kiosks where food grade items need to be sterilized in huge quantities in one go. With the F&B industry as its target, the UV Conveyor belt will prove to be a boon. 

Easyan Conveyor by Auto Coat Engineering

Easyan Conveyor was launched with an aim to provide Disinfectant solutions to offices, railway station, malls and other public places for objects ranging from lunch boxes, hand bags to suitcases. Nipping the problem in the bud, ensuring that these objects are sterilised will mean that they will not be able to spread the virus to other places. 

UV Conveyor Belts by Dhanvanthri Engineers

Using Ultraviolet C light, which is supported through a tunnel, the bags, tiffin of employees at offices, guests at hotels, airports and large restaurants can be sterilized from viruses and bacteria, ensuring a safe and virus free environment. With mask mandate relaxing, and public places opening up, it is a great way to ensure that the guests can enjoy a good time, without worrying about any potential infection.

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