Beawer computer traders form Beawer Computers Association

With a need to bring all the computer traders in Beawar on a common platform, a  meeting was held in Shanti Tower, Beawar, to officially form an association for computer traders.

Beawer Computer Association
Beawer Computer Association

In the meeting it the executive council members were also elected. Currently the association has 45 members. The details are mentioned below

President :       Mr  Piyush gour (PG infocom)
Secretary:        Mr Manish Garg (Miracle Computers)
Treasurer:        Mr Kamal  Goyal(Computer Home)
Jt Secretary:  Mr Manish Agarwal (Wingate computers)
On the occasion, Mr. Piyush Gaur, President, BCA, said ” Computer traders all over Beawar were scattered, and everyone was facing price issues. Moreover after the Microsoft issue, we felt that unity is our strength and together we can improve the working  conditions. Also, traders were also problems like sales tax, courier issues, etc. Hence it was decided that a formal association should be formed to bring uniformity in the process.”