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Mumbai-based Baybot is happy to announce the all-new Live360°— Baybot’s smart wireless security camera that aims to keep a watchful eye on your kids, family, and property, even when you are away, be it night or day. Meet the new Baybot Live360° Smart Security Camera that’s upgraded with a 3MP (2048*1536-pixel) sensor. Whether it’s your baby room or kitchen, your garage or business, the Live360° ensures the safety of your family and property, by helping you keep a live watch from remote locations, using your smartphone.


Complete 360-degree View — A tiny, wireless camera with a 360-degree rotating head, the Baybot Live360 may be set up to automatically monitor every corner of the room or to switch to manual mode to focus on a specific region. The layout of the app lets you adjust the camera’s angle. Within seconds, pan or zoom into the region you want to see. The camera can pan up to 355° horizontally and 80° vertically and has a wide-angle lens to give you the most coverage of the area being watched.

Motion Detection — Set up the Live360° to automatically detect any motion in any room using the motion detection setting. The camera continues to watch until it detects motion in its field of view and immediately notifies you of the occurrence on your smartphone. Every time motion is detected in the room, it immediately starts recording and gives you a clip or screenshot to view on your smartphone. Get every alert as soon as it occurs on your smartphone.

Smart Motion Tracking — The Baybot Live360°’s intelligent motion tracking capability may be configured to automatically follow any moving object, animal, or person. The camera automatically pans to keep the moving subject in the crosshair as it records every incident in the background as soon as it detects motion in the frame.

Night Vision — The camera automatically transitions to night vision mode the instant the light in the given room dims, just like it does when recording during the day. The camera has IR LEDs that can see in complete darkness and record every event to keep you and everyone around you safe at night.

2-way Audio Communication — Pushing a button on your smartphone will allow you to speak to someone in the room using the built-in speaker and microphone. Easily communicate with the opposite end in real-time. You can use your voice to amuse your infant in the nursery or set a camera outside the front door so you can communicate with guests before allowing them entry. You can chat with your security personnel at the office’s entrance or from a remote location.

24×7 Monitoring — You only need to power the camera; the Baybot Live360° will take care of the rest. The camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, which connects to a wireless network and delivers the complete live feed to your smartphone via the internet, no matter where you are. Simply download the Baybot app from Google Play or the App Store to start viewing your home in real time or to browse the complete weeks’ worth of film on your smartphone. If there is no internet connection, just insert a microSD card (up to 128GB) to retrieve up to a fortnight’s worth of footage. Or, you can safely save an infinite amount of data to Baybot’s cloud service for a small monthly cost (optional subscription).

Hassle-free Installation — The Baybot Live360° camera comes with a mounting plate that is simple to install, so you may put it practically anywhere you need it. You may get a full view of your room from anywhere in the globe by simply setting the camera on your table, mounting it on a wall, or fastening it to a ceiling.

Pricing and availability:

The New Baybot Live360° 3MP Smart Wireless Security Camera will be available for Rs 2,299 on the company website www.Baybot.in or www.Flipkart.com with a 1-year warranty period.

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