BANKEDGE Announces The Launch Of Its Flagship BANKING Training Centre At FC Road, Pune

India’s leading banking training institute, today announced the launch of its 11th Training Centre– the Banking Academy at 1st Floor, Dinkar Heights, 1201E BE-LogoFergusson College Road, Opposite Fergusson College, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. This centre will provide quality training to Young Graduates who are in the age group of 21 to 25 years and aspiring to get into Banking Operations or Back End Operations related Entry Level Job Roles. These opportunities are for Fresh Graduates. BANKEDGE – A first of its kind, the Banking Academy aims to build a pool of modernBanking professionals for Private Banks. BANKEDGE has designed comprehensive Banking Training Programs that build competencies on 3 parameters – banking domain, application and customer-service needed by new-age banking professionals. These are short-term (90 to 120 days) training programs that enable young graduates to pick up banking skills, understand the technology used in day to day banking, prepare them for customer service job roles and also enable them to understand the work pressure that comes with the bank job, improves their communication and presentation skills and also help them retain the job that they get into.

Further these Programs delves deeper into banking to enable students to understand the concept of money and banking, the role of banks, various verticals in the banking industry, various products and services offered by them and the channels used to deliver the same. It also enables the learner to understand the functions of the RBI, impact of globalization on the banking sector and the role of technology in the banking industry, among various other topics.

Admissions to BANKEDGE Programs are through a short Aptitude Test and Personal Interview. The selected candidates are provided with Provisional Offer letters at the time of enrollment and after successful completion of the program they are given Guaranteed Interview Opportunities with Leading Private Banks and Financial Organizations.

After completion of the program students will join a Private Bank as an Officer who are supposed to work at retail branch and back end banking locations spread across Pune and Mumbai region. These Officers play the crucial role of representing the bank to first time customers and hence need to have a pleasant personality, good communication skills and thorough knowledge of the bank’s offerings along with an understanding of the customer’s requirements.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Santosh Joshi, C.E.O., BANKEDGE said, “This is a unique initiative where we have designed training programs that will exclusively cater to the growing needs of professionally trained manpower for India’s Leading Private Banks. Having empowered over 5,000 professionals to take on exciting careers in Banking and Financial Services Sector, we continue with initiatives to develop a trained resource pool for the fast evolving BFSI industry.”

Also present on this occasion Pune Center Director Mr. Meghdoot Karnik shared his views about Bankedge Training Programs. Meghdoot is a Qualified Accountant with more than 20 years of post-qualification experience. He is engaged in financial training, soft skills training and business consulting. He is involved in conducting training sessions on Finance and Financial Markets, IFRS, US GAAP, Accounting Standards, Financial Literacy, Leadership, Talent Management and Performance Management. He added, “After twenty years of corporate life, I find myself part of a finishing school. I took up this assignment simply because, somewhere along the way, there was a desire to ensure that ‘India Shining’ reaches Bharat.

I think there has to be a skill development workshop for people in corporates to tune their recruitment policies for the needs of Bharat. That is when the gap will be bridged.”


BANKEDGE, the banking academy is an experienced, professionally managed, career training company.

We are active business participants in India’s banking and financial services domain, by virtue of our expertise in providing modern, highly relevant and technology driven training and learning for fresh graduates who aspire to make a career in banking.

We are a team of serious minded, committed, intelligent and tech savvy professionals, who see unlimited career potential in India’s banking and financial services sector. Our core objective is to facilitate and ease the entry of every aspiring banker into this vertical, by offering a strategic mix of exclusive eLearning plus the direct impact of classroom sessions.


BANKEDGE is a valued partner to major private banks and important financial institutions, in their quest for recruiting personnel across nearly every entry level position.

By studying them closely, we have come to understand their diverse functions and the quality of human assets needed to deliver a particular function. It is this insight that we leverage during our training and this is what makes us a distinct and preferred choice during recruitment cycles.

When you entrust your career to us, we are fully aware of the responsibility and the expectations that you and your parents have from us. We therefore ensure that you are professionally counseled prior to admission and during your learning period with us we continuously strive to keep our curriculum updated and relevant to real life banking environment. We have built up a repository of experience, expertise and excellence over the years in this specialised domain and this we open up for you to access and learn from, on the way to building a career of your choice in the exciting world of banking.