March 2, 2021

Avaya Unveils New Tools for Understanding the Customer Experience and Managing Multichannel Interact

Avaya has unveiled new, next generation analytics and customer interaction solutions that help harness the power of big data and the growing number of ways that customers want access to companies. New Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions bring powerful new tools for mining and analyzing data, applications for expanding and synchronizing multichannel customer interactions and deployment options for virtualized environments. The new solutions help companies improve and streamline the customer experience through any access point at any moment in the customer lifecycle while increasing efficiency and adaptability in business operations.


The need for multichannel and data analytic capabilities becomes more pronounced as Avaya?s Asia Pacific Customer Experience Index reveals more than 60 percent customers demand multichannel communications, and 41 percent likely to move or have already moved their business as a result of poor customer service.

Avaya?s Customer Experience Management analytics and multichannel solutions empower organizations to proactively address the multi-faceted requirements and expectations of customers today. Many current technologies limit the ability to create an accurate picture ? or contextual awareness ? of the customer?s experience, their needs and behaviors. The growing number of customer interaction channels generates new challenges to delivering service across channels, yet also provide organizations with more opportunity than ever to extract valuable insights through smart analytics.

Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions enable enterprises to offer more personalized, seamless interactions that are built on a greater understanding of a customer?s situation, preferences and value. Avaya?s unique solutions help companies deliver an exceptional brand experience that grows net promoter scores and ultimately, drives greater revenue ? now boosted by the following new capabilities:

?Call Center Elite Multichannel has allowed our organization to serve customers more efficiently, The ability to blend non-voice and outbound contacts with the traditional voice channel has improved agent productivity and extended our customer service reach. Now, with Avaya Customer Experience Virtualized Environment, we?re also leveraging our existing VMware infrastructure and tools for faster deployment and streamlined management of applications in our data center,? said, Arik Shtilman, VP, Business Development IT Navigator.

?Avaya?s ability place speech analytics into context and identify key words and phrases helps us intelligently interpret the findings and turn them into data-driven recommendations for our client. Avaya?s Speech Analytics technology reveals the DNA of the call. It breaks down the call into its different components: the who, the what, the why. Our understanding of the client?s business, coupled with our experience as operators and consultants, allows us to then turn that information into action,? said, David Naylor, Head of Analytics.