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Autonom8 Unveils A8Studio v3.0, a Revolutionary Low-Code Hyperautomation Platform Powered by Google Cloud’s Generative AI

Autonom8 leverages Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to enable developers to rapidly create powerful business workflows

A8Studio offers customers threefold acceleration in time-to-deploy, tenfold acceleration in time-to-change, and more than 75% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

Autonom8, a trailblazer in low-code hyperautomation, proudly announces the A8Studio v3.0 workflow automation platform, uniquely powered by generative AI at every level.

The latest release of the Autonom8 platform further shrinks the gap between low-code and no-code, empowering citizen developers to rapidly build and deploy fully operational workflows with natural language prompts that can be typed or spoken (“vo-code”).

“We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary leap in low-code hyperautomation with A8Studio. By seamlessly integrating Google Cloud’s advanced generative AI tools, we are offering a low-code platform powered by an intelligent, generative foundation that redefines the performance metrics for enterprise workflow development,” says Ranjit Padmanabhan, CTO, Autonom8.

Traditionally, developing enterprise workflows is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process characterized by extensive team collaboration, lengthy schedules, and multiple integrations. These complexities often result in inefficiencies and hinder business agility.

To address these challenges, Autonom8 introduced A8Studio, a groundbreaking low-code workflow platform for enterprises to rapidly build and deploy business workflows and customer journeys.

“A8Studio v3.0 represents a significant milestone in our commitment to transforming the landscape of workflow automation. By harnessing the power of gen AI, we are not only simplifying the process but fundamentally changing the way enterprises approach automation, unleashing unprecedented speed and agility,” adds Balakrishnan Kavikkal, CEO, Autonom8.

Business workflows are assembled from processes, services, and user interfaces, supported with dashboards, chat dialogs, and other functional components. A8Studio offers a canvas to create all these components with natural language prompts, which can be used along with drag-and-drop actions. Under the hood, the Gen AI engine generates workflows (BPMN), code (JavaScript & SQL), and screens (React).

In addition, A8Studio’s Gen AI capabilities generate conversational dialogs, widgets, and various user interaction elements. On the execution front, A8Studio generates code for services, client & server functions, and adapters, streamlining the development process. This extends to generating SQL queries and dashboards, including display widgets. Finally, A8Studio also supports content generation for email messages, tickets, and summaries, providing the industry’s comprehensive low-code solution for workflow development.

The seamless integration of Gen AI into Autonom8’s hyperautomation platform yields significant advantages for enterprises, offering a 3x acceleration in time-to-deploy, and a 10x speed up in time-to-change, enabling swift adjustments to workflows e.g. to respond rapidly to regulatory requirements. Moreover, customers can expect a 75% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Along with this, Autonom8’s omnichannel intake capabilities enable a fivefold increase in customer reach. Autonom8’s commitment to innovation, coupled with the power of gen AI, establishes a new standard in workflow development, fostering unparalleled speed, efficiency, and cost savings for businesses.

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