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Audio-Technica announces the availability of QuietPoint® range of ANC headphones in India

Audio-Technica has introduced an expanded QuietPoint active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones lineup in India, featuring the ATH-ANC40BT in-ear model with Bluetooth wireless, and high-value ATH-ANC50iS and ATH-ANC70 over-ear headphones. All are smartphone- compatible headphones and combine outstanding noise-cancelling performance with high- fidelity sound and user-friendly features.
The ATH-ANC40BT noise-cancelling in-ear headphones combine Bluetooth wireless convenience with up to 90% noise-cancellation, outstanding sound quality and smartphone connectivity. The ATH-ANC40BT employs aptX® sound-improvement technology, specifically created to yield the best-possible audio performance over Bluetooth transmission, and large 13.5 mm drivers to deliver clear, high-quality wireless audio. The ATH-ANC40BT can be connected to two sources simultaneously and remembers the last eight wireless devices for ready pairing with the listenerʼs favorite audio sources. The headphones are rechargeable via the supplied USB cable.
The ATH-ANC40BT includes a mic and controller for answering calls, controlling music and adjusting volume. Itʼs convenient neckband design loops the cable around the back of the wearerʼs neck. It offers up to eight hours of playing time and will operate even if the battery runs out using its included 3.9-foot (1.2 m) cable. The ATH-ANC40BT is currently available and comes with four sizes of ear tips (XS/S/M/L), a protective pouch, a 3.3-foot (1.0 m) USB charging cable and an airplane adapter.
The value-priced over-ear ATH-ANC50iS provides up to 87% noise cancellation and features an in-line microphone and controller for answering calls and controlling music. Its high-quality omnidirectionalmic ensures clear voice transmission without requiring the user to speak directly into the mic and its large 40 mm drivers deliver detailed, impactful sound with 
exceptional imaging in an immersive sound field. Like all Audio-TechnicaQuietPoint headphones, the ATH-ANC50iS will continue to work even if the battery runs out.
The ATH-ANC50iS has heavily padded ear cups that fit snugly yet comfortably over the ears and further enhance isolation from environmental noise. The ATH-ANC50iS is supplied with a detachable 3.9-foot (1.2 m) cable with in-line control and microphone, a zippered protective pouch, an airline adapter and an AAA battery and will be available in April 2016.
The ATH-ANC70 provides up to 90% noise cancellation and has a microphone and controller for answering calls and operating music playback, and the controls are discreetly built into one of the ear cups. Simply press the illuminated “Audio-Technica” logo/button to activate the mic or scroll through music tracks. The volume and on/off controls are also easily accessible. The
mic and controller support most smartphones as well as select products including the iPhone™, iPad® and many iPod® models.
The ATH-ANC70 is redesigned to provide total long-wearing comfort. The diameter of the ear cups has been increased for a more comfortable over-ear fit, and the ear cups have a slimmer profile. The ear cushions and headband are made from memory foam, and the design of the headband hugs the shape of the wearerʼs head to evenly distribute mass for a lighter “feel” and fit.
Like all QuietPoint models, the ATH-ANC70 offers superior noise-cancellation performance and audio quality. The headphonesʼ large 40 mm drivers and high-quality internal components deliver clear, detailed sound with impactful bass, a natural midrange, extended treble and precise imaging in an immersive sound field. The ATH-ANC70 also works when the noisecancellingfunction is turned off, and operates in passive mode without batteries. The detachable cord enables the ATH-ANC70 to be used as cordless noise-cancelling headphones.
The ATH-ANC70 folds flat for storage and comes with a hard-carrying case, a 1/4-inch adapter and airline adapter. The included AAA battery provides up to 40 hours of operation.
With the addition of these three new models in India and including the already present ATHANC33iS In-Ear model, Audio-Technica is one of the only manufacturers who has a range ofhigh quality value ANC headphones in the INR 6,990 to INR 16,990 price category. All products arenow available in India.
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