Athenta Technologies Augments Its Operations Management System for an Improved Productivity of its Business & End Users

Athenta Technologies, a platform-based company specializing in Integrated Infrastructure Management Business has introduced its Operations Management System under the name of AOMS. The AOMS (Athenta’s Operations Management System) provides a 360-degree view of the entire infrastructure services, asset classes, lifecycle, and standardize the business processes in line with the ITIL and Pink Verify standards.

Athenta’s Operations Management System (AOMS) is the key to an entire asset lifecycle. The AOMS is designed for quick problem routing to concerned support desk or agents, and further helps in identifying the cause, performance bottlenecks, suggestive resolutions, trending and helps in root cause analysis.

The solution is not only limited to a monitoring system but a smart tool to eliminate recurring incidents and to minimize the impact of events.

The operating management system addresses both incident management and problem management. Its flexible built-in practice workflows help to speed the resolution of end-user issues and the identification of defects in the infrastructure. The workflows capture and track relationships in a seamless and integrated fashion, right from the initiation of the incident to problem correlation.

The AOMS assists people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability and reduce overall operational costs. It also provides notifications to the response system, which offers a superior performance of the existing infrastructure and proactively informs the contacts that need to be notified during the life of the user request. The AOMS provides excellent help to the maintenance staff by locating end-to-end faults and helps in swiftly responding to the ticketing problems. This web console will help with incident reports, SLA monitoring, resolution status, and escalation matrix.

Jacob Thomas, Athenta Technologies said, “At Athenta, we are focused on offering state of the art, next-generation products for comprehensively and cohesively managing all aspects of the infrastructure. Our AOMS solution is not just another Business Insight Tool but a Lifecycle Management Tool for the growing Infrastructure keeping in mind the future-readiness, scalability, and sustained process management. The result is visible insights and reduced impact of changes on the businesses.”

Key Features:
CMDB integrated with Life Cycle Management.
Quickly route requests to the right support.
Increase productivity for helpdesk agents, support staff, and users.
Track performance against service level agreement to ensure that commitments are met.
Identify root causes to eliminate recurring incidents.
Search solutions with the help of specified keywords.
Facilitates impact and analysis of changes with respect to CIs.
Reduce call support duration and volumes.
Establishes a historical record of service disruptions and resolutions for reuse and analytics.

Athenta offers cutting edge, next-generation products to manage every aspect of Infrastructure, including; Infrastructure Data Analysis, IT Compute Analysis, Building Monitoring & Management, Industrial Controls & Automation, and Energy Management.