5 Online Platforms that could come in handy this winter

Winter is here and so are the winter blues. It is that time of the year when getting out of the bed becomes difficult but yearning for hot sweet and savories goes up. The cold wind outside forces one to be homebound, have innumerable cups of tea and coffee and lie under the quilt to watch favorite shows and series. Not to mention, it becomes a hassle to go out to buy daily essentials for home or even get any medical treatment done. Worry not! There are sites which provide you great help in such times. Here are some online platforms that can come handy this winter-

Adda52.com– Adda52.com is India’s largest online poker site that lets you play with real players from all over the country and win real cash. Poker is not just an exciting game, but also helps in enhancing one’s mathematical and observation skills. Adda52 has become one of the most sought-after applications under online gaming category because of the sheer thrill that it provides. You can easily sign up and start playing on your mobile phone or laptop. So, on the cold winter days, you can just tuck yourself in bed and enjoy the game!

Dunzo– Winters can restrict you to go out to buy daily essentials or send those important documents to a friend. Dunzo is an on-demand delivery service platform that could be used during such times. It lets you do primarily 3 things: commute (you can use it to commute within the city), courier (deliver something from one part of the city to the other) and commerce (buy anything from any store without stepping out).

eExpedise Healthcare– Healthcare is a concern during winters. Not every time will you find the best hospital or doctors available. eExpedise provides treatment plan and costs from multiple hospitals, hence, makes it easy to compare options at one place. The platform provides consultation video call with the treating doctor and additionally assists you at the time of hospitalization/discharge to avoid extra costs at any point.

Timesaverz – Getting house related or any local services done during winters is an issue and any platform that provides such solutions is a savior. So, if you need to get laundry done or fix appliances or get the house and car cleaned, Timesaverz is the best app for it. You can book any local service from the app such as salon, laundry, appliances repairs, cleaning or pest control and so on. You can even track the status of the service.

UberEATS- Come Winters and food cravings go high. Since laziness is at its peak, one wants hot food at the doorstep. For all such times, order anything and everything at home with UberEATS through its fast delivery and great choice of restaurant food. Your craving for a hot cup of coffee/tea or food can all be satisfied by ordering food online through this app in the comfort of your house.