“ATCS is a boutique business and development consulting firm specializing in creating data driven decision making solutions for leading automotive and healthcare companies in guided analytic capabilities.”-Sanjul Vaish CEO, ATCS India

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice,Mr. Sanjul Vaish, CEO at ATCS India,reveals his strategies for business in India .

Mr. Sanjul Vaish, CEO at ATCS India

Nisha Harshwal :-Tell us shortly about the journey of your company in Jaipur/India right from the first day?

Sanjul Vaish:-Our core focus is technological prowess- information technology, analysis, logical and technical implementation.

Being an engineering graduate with honors, climbing up the ladder with proven expertise, I had paved up my way in the corporate sector to consulting the prestigious clients in the US. Yet, coming from service class background, entrepreneurship is the last resort. But I guess when you are called for beyond, things happen! You charter new territories, explore your potential and stretch your boundaries. It is a different high!

Today, when I look at the size of what the organization has become, I honestly feel that it is incredible! All I can say is that when I started running this marathon I did not care about how many kilometers, breaks or who all are there with me. And of course things do not happen without personal sacrifices. The journey wouldn’t have embarked without my wife being here along with me. Her familiarity with the place and her own reputation and proficiency into brand consulting facilitated us in talent acquisition and building organizational culture.

But as we did the spadework, I always had a strong believer in me who stood as an industry stalwart behind me- our global CEO Manish Krishnan. We had worked together for a couple of years, and while I am always amazed by his intelligence, energy and assertiveness; I guess he appreciates my patience, perseverance, execution and diligence. I guess our ability to trust and complement each other is one of the critical success factors.

For a long time I was Chief Everything Officer managing projects to running errands.  From the day of start till date, there are always challenges. The road is never smooth. But I guess it is the inner resilience against the odds and the passion to keep moving forward is what makes it happen. I had my first hire after 47 interviews, because of the lack of skill pool! I had to manage the bridge gap providing a faster learning curve. For that, I was extremely careful in handpicking people for the initial hiring, who are good at problem solving and need minimal direction.

As the organization grows, there are culture conflicts and operational issues. And in the growth and expansion phase, there are issues around roles and responsibilities and employee retention. Guess, I am reckoned for being a transformational leader with non-bureaucratic open door style.

Nisha harshwal:-Explain briefly about the working landscape and roadmap design of ATCS?

Sanjul Vaish:-Growth of any organization takes place when it is able to sustain delivering value to its clients in the first place. In the IT sector, our value system is clearly based on our principal assets i.e. our employees, who in turn can move up the value chain, and who also reflect back in the community which they are a part of. Together, we create an ecosystem which is attractive for future and current partnerships and this helps us keep up the momentum.
Our values are defined through innovation, quality, entrepreneurship and collaboration which are ingrained in our skill pool. This has helped us accelerate.

We strive for excellence through innovative ideas by keeping abreast with the technological advances combining them with the human performance and creating winning solutions. This is of course our credo.

We not only have to hire the right talent with the right attitude but also have to ensure they are trained for the new tasks head on. Our workforce specializes in multiple technologies and their zeal in learning ensures that we are growing up with the market. The workforce with enhanced skillset and domain expertise takes care of our commitment towards our clients further and help us grow our business. Our low attrition rate speaks of the stability we bring in the lives of our people. Young people, whom we hire always take pride in taking challenging assignments; they look for independence and growth opportunity.

Our global clients welcome our solutions and help us gain an edge, all the while posing new challenges. They collaborate with us, creating and grasping new ideas, employing new technologies worldwide, which brings our focus towards problem solving using the latest technological trends of utmost importance. Customers are delighted with our knowledge, agility, quality and cost.

Nisha Harshwal:-How ATCS India has proved that it’s a youthful & vibrant in short span of time?

Sanjul Vaish:-I guess it doesn’t need any proof. The entire Indian sector is burgeoning with the youth at work. The young, energetic and restless just need right channelization and growth opportunities, which our organization reflects in its “culture.”

As we grew it was important to maintain the culture and make it more cohesive and progressive over time. Employee happiness is our personal motto and a lot of decisions are taken keeping that at the center. There are a lot of millennials working with us and we have to make sure we use their youthful energies to the best. Company values + Company culture + Changes when required = a work environment, where people thrive.

While we are known for our fun loving global culture, we do maintain certain protocols for mutual respect. This gives an ease of expression which not only better facilitate the projects, but also enhance personalities of individuals. In a short span of time a person coming from rural background with no great communication skills adapts to client interface. With open doors, we ensure that people do not come only with problems but also learn to identify solutions. These problem solving capabilities originate from collaboration right at the grass-roots level. In professional teams, people need to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses and figure out best-fit resources to create solutions.

Nisha Harshwal:-What steps are you taking to make your position stronger in India?

Sanjul Vaish:-We continue to focus on the overseas market primarily to provide consulting and solutions. Our employees are our focus to help us grow. A committed work force will help use deliver the promises that we have made with the clients which in turn help us grow.

Nisha Harshwal:-Globally who do you consider as a biggest competitor in your field?

Sanjul Vaish:-Thankfully in the current scenario, there are niche spaces for specialized solution providers. Market today does not need big corporations to disrupt it. It’s the innovation and its speed of delivery, which makes or breaks the game. The day we stop innovating and stop taking care of our people, we will find new ways to develop our company and again give it a fresh direction.

Nisha harshwal:-What are the new projects on which you are working?

Sanjul Vaish:-ATCS is a boutique business and development consulting firm specializing in creating data driven decision making solutions for leading automotive and healthcare companies in guided analytic capabilities. The company has been supporting the after sales in automotive industry since 2000. ATCS is associated with many leading global luxury auto manufacturers. More recently, we have applied the same analytic data principals from the automotive claims to business to healthcare.  Our major services include consulting, information technology, social media, and connected car.

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