Asus teases new Transformer tablets ahead of Computex 2013

asus-logoAsus has released a teaser video hinting at new innovative products to be unveiled at Computex 2013.

Computex 2013 is going to kick off on June 6, 2013 and Asus is the first to tease that it will showcase some innovative products at the event. Asus has released a teaser video on YouTube, which hints that the company may be working on new hybrid tablet/notebooks. It is expected that these device will run on Windows 8 or Android.

It is also expected that most of the devices that will be unveiled by Asus will be from their Transformer family. In the past we have seen the Eee Pad Transformer that is a tablet with a docking station giving you the utility of an Android tablet along with the ability to make it an Android netbook. The Asus PadFone is an Android smartphone that can be housed in a docking station making it a tablet. The tablet can then be docked into a keyboard making it a netbook. All the power for the tablet comes from the smartphone that is housed in the back of the tablet casing.artImg198x166_14601

The voice over in the video says, “reimagine the way you interact with desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and more.” This could mean a new way of interacting with devices including gestures and more. We have seen interesting an innovative ways on interacting with you smartphone and tablet with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note II. Some of the features include Air View, Smart Stay, Smart Pause and more. It is possible that Asus will take this innovation to the next level. In the past we have seen Asus give users a stylus that doubles up as a mic and earpiece for making calls when the PadFone is in its tablet mode. You can check out this feature in detail here.

All rumours and speculations will be put to rest as Asus is holding its Computex press conference on June 6, 2013.