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Asus’ ongoing organizational restructuring might lead to the Zenfone 10 being the final generation

Asus, a prominent figure in the PC and smartphone industry, has caught attention with an unforeseen reorganization effort. Despite assuring no job cuts, the company has undertaken workforce reductions across various divisions. This move has sparked conjecture regarding its strategic intentions, ramifications for employees, and future trajectory. Furthermore, the report unveils the discontinuation of Asus’ Zenfone smartphone series.

In June, an internal communication informed Asus employees about an impending organizational overhaul, emphasizing job security. However, in July, the company reportedly downsized its PC department, affecting personnel in Taiwan and Suzhou, China. This restructuring didn’t halt there.

Insiders recently disclosed that multiple units within the commercial department were alerted about substantial workforce cuts. Teams encompassing engineers and procurement faced a 50% reduction. Initially, plans were communicated to shift the commercial computer team to the mobile phone product department. Yet, individuals with insights indicated that some newly integrated mobile phone unit employees were still subjected to layoffs.

Although Asus had proposed internal repositioning for affected employees, the HR department’s efforts in this regard appeared lackluster. It was expected that employees themselves would identify suitable vacant positions.

An insider shed light on the rationale behind the layoffs affecting mobile phone unit integrants. Asus’ mobile phones are divided into the ROG and Zenfone series. However, the forthcoming Zenfone 10 model is anticipated to be the series’ swan song. Consequently, the Zenfone team is slated for integration into other divisions or a direct merger with the ROG team in the future. The ongoing layoffs in Asus’ commercial department are projected to continue until the following month.

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