*astTECS Launches Open Source CRM application Suite

The Open Source CRM application delivers usage and functionality that was previously found only in proprietary, paid-for editions

*astTECS, a leading provider of enterprise telecom technology products and Asterisk based open source communication solution, today announced the launch of *astCRM, a complete suite of open source CRM application, that enables enterprises to manage all customer engagement needs. With *astCRM, enterprises can enhance their capabilities and engage more efficiently with their customer base intensifying focus on productivity; by leveraging its powerful workflows & actionable insights and take agile decisions for business acceleration.

*astCRM manages the complete customer relationship process and combines all key customer management applications that includes; lead management, contact management, account management, ticket management, role management and activity management. By bundling disparate categories into a comprehensive solution and replacing the proprietary license-model with open source, *astCRM is the first enterprise-grade solution in its class.

“Leveraging expertise in open source, our objective is to provide customers with best-of-breed enterprise grade applications, while focusing mainly on the must-have features of a customer relationship management solution and major workflows”, said Mr. Manjunath R J, CEO, *astCRM. The solution is highly affordable and well-suited for large enterprises and SMEs, while its flexibility & ease of usability makes it amazingly user-friendly, he added.

*astCRM collaboration and organization tools are designed to deliver an ideal customer experience. It helps organizations to improve prospect and customer experiences through automating sales; marketing & support tasks, while delivering business – enhancing insights. It can be accessed by any web browser and comes equipped with integrated Outlook, Thunderbird, Firefox, & Gmail plug-ins that allow users to configure the CRM with their email accounts.

With strong focus on customer needs, *astTECS solution serves users across the globe and the company continues to leverage its strong capabilities in product innovation, helping enterprises and SMEs capitalize on latest in technology and adapt to customer’s communications requirements and evolving market opportunities.

*astTECS offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling enterprise telecom infrastructure solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.