*AstTECS Launches Advance Telecom Solution For Educational Institutions

Easy to manage, cost effective solution enhances communication experience and staff productivity

*astTECS, a leading provider of Enterprise Telecom Mr. Manjunath RJ , Business Head - Video Conferencing, astTECSTechnology Products and Asterisk based Open Source Communication Solution, today announced the launch of *astTECS IP PBX solution for Educational Institutions. *astTECS integrated telephony solution offers intelligent and tailored applications that enables schools, colleges, hostels and universities to extend mobility, improve faculty and students communication, boost productivity and reduce costs by consolidating their communications services into a single platform. With features such as paging, smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range, web – based video conferencing & voice blasting, *astTECS IP PBX offers amazing features to enhance communication and user productivity, at minimal expense.

The key features of *astTECS IP PBX includes; intelligent call routing and IVR functionality while ensuring better staff, student and parent communication, real-time connectivity between teaching staff through Wi-Fi extensions, directory services and smart-phone integration, announcements through voice blast & paging, multi-party audio and video conferencing, emergency alerts, appointment scheduling / reminders amongst many others.

For students, the IP PBX offers a complete call management suite that includes: time based calling slots, inbound and out bound calling and call duration control, black list; white list, user id and password based calling (hot desking), prepaid & post-paid based calling and complete billing.

“An effective communication among the teaching staff and between student – teacher, reflects the professional adequacy of an institution, *astTECS presents competitively priced, highly feature-rich, IP- PBX solution that creates an engaging experience for all the stakeholders, at every stage of the learning cycle,” said Mr. Manjunath RJ, Head – IP PBX division, *astTECS. Our IP PBX solution for educational institutions is designed to deliver powerful communication tools and operational applications that simplify daily tasks of faculty and students, he added.

In today’s multicultural and global environment, *astTECS IP PBX solution provides educational institutions with the most advance technology, based on open standards-based architecture to help teachers & students at schools and universities communicate effectively. Ensuring seamless communication & engagement between key departments, students & parents, *astTECS solution optimizes staff efficiency, offering convenient access to information and services in real-time, ensuring prompt action and personalized attention.

*astTECS offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling Telecom Infrastructure Solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.