Asrock Z87 OC Formula(Intel Z87) Motherboard

asrockThe ASRock Z77 OC Formula was shown off at Computex 2012 last year and we found ourselves impressed with what ASRock was doing with its new golden boy Nick Shih. Once shown off, though, it was still a few months before we finally got a chance to check out the motherboard in person. Once we got the board in our hands, we were not disappointed with what ASRock was offering.

They brought to the table a board that performed exceptionally well, offered strong overclocking capabilities, massive amount of features, a great bundle, and all at just a simply fantastic price point. It quickly became one of our favorite Z77 motherboards to use and became the center of all our RAM testing for a couple of reasons. The first was the overclocking potential on the board was great. The second, though, was the fact that Nick Shih, the man behind the creation, is so on top of the BIOS. Working constantly to provide the best BIOS to overclockers, Nick made sure that the latest and greatest memory was always compatible on it and working well.

For all these reasons we found ourselves extremely excited to check out what the team over at ASRock had done with the latest Z87 chipset from Intel. Initial showings of the board looked fantastic and seeing it Computex 2013 made our mouth water even more. So much so that when we talked to the friendly folk at ASRock and told them we’d happily take the board only for now, as we knew that the full package setups weren’t being sampled yet.

So, with that said, today we’ll be moving straight from here into the motherboard itself, since we don’t have the box or the bundle to discuss. This is definitely one board we’re excited to test, so let’s just get stuck into it and see what exactly is being offered from ASRock on the new Z87 OC FORMULA.