August 4, 2020

ASRock H110M-STX And H110M-STX MINI PC Are Dubbed Most Unexpected Innovation By Tom’s Hardware

According to Tom’s Hardware, one of the top picks of this year’s CES (Consumer Technology Tradeshow 2016) is ASRock’s mini-STX motherboard and mini-STX building block PC. Currently both models are powered by Intel H110 chipset, including the motherboard H110M-STX and H110M-STX MINI PC. This new form factor is smaller than your ordinary mini-ITX builds, yet still holds adequate room for a standard CPU fan, which makes it perfect for a powerful SFF sized mini-PC.

image003 (30)

The world’s first STX model that supports a standard Intel box fan. Read more about ASRock H110M-STX and H110M-STX MINI PC at Tom’s Hardware:

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ASRock H110M-STX MINI PC is mainly targeted for educational and commercial purposes. Users will have the freedom of choosing their own Intel 6th generation processors, as well as the right to cram in a standard Intel box fan. While the whole setup is much smaller and power efficient than traditional desktop systems, it is also way more powerful than the current NUCs in the market.