December 3, 2020

Asia Powercom Launches First of its Kind Automatic Voltage Regulator to Provide Protection for User’s Laptop, HDD etc from Erratic Power Fluctuation

AsiaPowercom logoAsia Powercom, global leader in power protection, announced the launch of Automatic Voltage Regulator which provides stable output voltage through 2-boost and buck stabilizer range. Violent power fluctuations can ruin user’s expensive devices. With this automatic voltage regulator user can protect their laptop motherboards and HDD from erratic voltage fluctuations.

This voltage regulator supports wide input voltage range from 120V-300V, giving wide array of options to users

The embedded 3 time delay selector protects the precious electronics against any consecutive starts. The Automatic Voltage Regulator can be used with wide array of voltage sensitive equipment like:

  • Laptops
  • Inkjet Printer, Scanners
  • Music Systems
  • DVD players
  • Xbox, Ps2, Kinect

Tejas  ShethCountry Manager at Asia Powercom, said “We have designed  automatic voltage regulator in such a way that it can be used with wide range of voltage sensitive  equipments like Xbox, expensive laptop and music systems which require added protection. The embedded 3 time delay selector protects these precious electronics against any damage. This is first of it kind of product in India. This device acts as a UPS for laptops.