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Arrow Electronics Establishes High-Power Centre of Excellence in UK to Accelerate Electrification and Sustainability

Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW), a global provider of technology solutions, and its engineering services company, eInfochips, have announced the establishment of a High-Power Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Swindon, United Kingdom. The purpose of this High-Power CoE is to assist customers in the development of high-power solutions, a critical component in advancing electrification and sustainability initiatives.

High-power designs play a pivotal role in achieving energy efficiency, making them essential for various net-zero projects such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, battery storage, grid infrastructure, and other applications. However, the complexities associated with high-power electronics design, including lack of power expertise, stringent functional safety and reliability requirements, intricate PCB layout, and the necessity for costly testing equipment, pose challenges for innovators.

Arrow Electronics’ High-Power CoE is strategically positioned to address these challenges. Leveraging its extensive high-voltage design experience, the CoE is equipped with a high-power lab in Swindon and an experienced engineering team from eInfochips. The goal is to empower innovators to navigate the complexities of high-power electronics design effectively.

eInfochips, a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics, is a leading Engineering Research and Development Services firm with significant presence in India. The company’s global workforce, which includes over 3500 highly skilled engineers, operates out of its 14 design centres, 7 of which are located in India across Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. This extensive geographical presence facilitates the seamless delivery of cutting-edge digital transformation and product engineering services. As a key contributor to technical innovation, eInfochips not only significantly enhances Arrow’s global initiatives like the High-Power Centre of Excellence in the UK but also demonstrates a diverse and skilled workforce, making substantial contributions to technological advancements in the region and affirming its strong commitment to local markets and communities.

“The ever-increasing focus on decarbonization is driving electrification. High-voltage electronics is a key enabler, and in Arrow Electronics, customers have a reliable team member to help them navigate this energy transition journey effectively,” said Murdoch Fitzgerald, vice president, global engineering and design services at Arrow Electronics. “The Swindon facility is known for its configurable power supply capabilities, and the CoE builds on its legacy by investing in new equipment and engineering talent. We can now offer turnkey design services from the Swindon facility.”

The High-Power CoE will design innovative and leading-edge products for all customers of Arrow and its subsidiaries, such as Richardson RFPD. By accelerating and de-risking design cycles, leveraging the power equipment in Swindon, and accessing a world-class engineering talent, customers can effectively plan and manage their high-power product roadmap and lifecycles.

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