February 27, 2021

ArrayShield IDAS Two Factor Authentication now available as Virtual Appliance Solution

2FA Virtual appliance offers unmatched security for remote network and web/cloud access.

ArrayShield, the provider of innovative pattern based two factor authentication product announced today the release of its IDAS 2FA Virtual Appliance.


ArrayShield IDAS 2FA Virtual appliance strengthens ArrayShield’s widely successful IDAS 2FA product suite offering remote access and cloud security providing customers with the flexibility to choose the deployment model that best meets their unique requirements. 

For the organizations that are looking to deploy an on-premise solution with the highest security and at the same time get the benefit of virtualization environment, IDAS 2FA Virtual Appliance is the right choice. By adopting virtualization environment for 2FA deployment, organization can benefit from cost savings, rapid deployment and provisioning as well as simplified access.

ArrayShield IDAS 2FA Virtual Appliance delivers centralized, secure two-factor authentication for a virtual environment with a stackable user license for the greatest flexibility. The Virtual appliance is designed to support 100 to 100,000 user deployments seamlessly, meeting effectively the requirements of small enterprise right through to the largest service provider.

The Virtual appliance offering provides similar levels of security and same features that of the IDAS 2FA product platform. The IDAS 2FA virtual appliance is supported on all the widely used hypervisor products and organizations across Asia have already got benefited by adopting this new offering.

IDAS Virtual Appliance is hardened to provide full-proof security through which users can generate one-time secret-codes to secure remote access to corporate networks and web-based/cloud applications. The one-time Secret-Code is generated through the combination of a pattern that each user remembers and an ArrayCard (credit-card sized translucent card) that the user carries with them. This simple process ensures that only authorized personnel are able to access the system and protects users’ identities from being intercepted or stolen.

Rakesh Thatha, CTO & Co-Founder of ArrayShield commented, “Lot of organizations now have developed a virtualization strategy and are looking to move their security infrastructure to a virtual environment. Based on the inputs from the CIOs who are thought leaders in this space, we have come up with this innovative deployment offering to help organizations rapidly deploy 2FA solutions in their infrastructure. This mode of deployment also speeds up the evaluation process of multiple technologies by CIOs and ensures that their team’s time and effort are utilized productively.”