unnamedBENGALURU, India June 25, 2015

Array Networks Inc., a global leader in application delivery networking, today announced its latest India-specific partner program, ‘Array Wings’ at a recent partner event ‘Success Bridge 2015’. Array Wings partner incentive program will provide as an opportunity to bridge the gaps between the partners and the industry, to get to know each partner better and to embark on a journey towards mutual growth and success. This is an innovative sales initiative to connect and engage with partners to rise above business goals and celebrate the true spirit of partnership. 

Mr Shibu Paul, Regional Sales DirectorIndia, ME and SEA at Array Networks said, “The partner program Array Wings will help Array Networks reach out to the partner community and ease critical pain points of customers by offering our unique top notch technical solutions at an affordable cost. This program will help Array Networks reach out to more enterprise customers who are in need of our solutions.

Partners who enroll for Array Wings scheme can avail plenty of benefits. For instance, Array Wings assures partners of minimum profit margins for every sale, which is much higher than industry standards. With such an assurance, the efforts of a partner get taken care of. Besides, partners will get backend rebates on achieving the agreed revenue. To add to the benefits, partners will also get access to co-funding for marketing events from Array Networks.  

Mr Sudhir Babu, Sales Director at 22By7 Solutions Pvt Ltd said, “We partnered with Array Networks because they clearly understand our needs and requirements. It is team work that motivates us to work and associate with them. There are very supportive, encouraging and friendly and we truly appreciate the efforts put by them. This is what encourages most the partners to carry their solutions to customers.”      

Mr Anand Reddy, Managing Director at Team5 Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “Array Wings is one of the best rewarding programs we have come across in our experience. Incentive programs can encourage people – from sales executives to top 

management – to drive their business forward. Array Wings adds multiple wings, enabling partners to achieve more. Programs like this help us engage with new customers, grow businesses and strengthen relationships.” 

Array Networks also has very unique and highly-rewarding incentive program wherein the partner sales champion will get incentives up to 7.5 percent of the sale value. The partner also gets rewarded by just identifying an opportunity for Array. Partners can take advantage of this program by registering their details on Array Networks’ website as a premium or authorized partner.