Array Networks Announces The Immediate Availability Of Its New Mid-Range AVX7600 virtualized Appliance

Array Networks Inc., a global leader in application delivery ArrayNetworks_Partner Scheme (2)networking, today announces the immediate availability of its new mid-range AVX7600 virtualized appliance. The AVX7600 can support both ADC and SSL VPN instances and supports up to 16 entry, eight small, four medium or two large virtual appliances per system. Support for pay-as-you-go pricing in quarter-capacity increments, with the option to mix and match virtual appliance sizes, allows cloud providers and enterprises to affordably scale customers or applications on a single high-performance appliance that simultaneously improves management efficiency and reduces requirements for space, power and cooling.

The AVX Series are the only virtualized appliances of their kind. By allocating dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and I/O to each instance and by allocating separate dedicated resources to management functions, IaaS providers can guarantee performance for each customer and enterprises can guarantee performance for each application workload. For example, divided into four medium ADC virtual appliances, each instance guarantees 14Gbps throughput; and divided into 16 entry ADC virtual appliances, each instance guarantees 3.5Gbps throughput. To ensure guaranteed uptime for business critical applications, high availability is supported for both physical virtualized appliances and constituent virtual instances.

“Service providers and enterprises are moving towards cloud and virtualization technologies, but are faced with challenges in maintaining performance and cost-efficiency for networking functions,” stated Mr Paul Andersen, Director of Marketing for Array Networks. “With the AVX7600, these customers get the best of both worlds – the agility and management efficiency of virtual appliances and the performance and scalability of dedicated appliances.”

The AVX7600 gives IaaS cloud providers several advantages. First, unlike other multi-tenant application networking solutions on the market, Array’s virtualized instances do not compete for shared hardware resources. As a result, cloud service providers can offer load balancing or secure access as infrastructure services with guaranteed high-performance SLAs. In addition, service providers do not need to rack and stack and manually configure stand-alone appliances for each new customer. New customers or workloads can instead be seamlessly spun up from an automated cloud management system.

For enterprises that rely on applications from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others, it is common practice to deploy a pair of ADCs for each application for high availability, and separate VPN solutions for secure access. By contrast, Array’s new virtualized appliance allows enterprises to assign virtual ADC instances to load balance multiple applications and assign virtual SSL VPN instances to provide secure remote and mobile access – all from a single system. In conjunction with support for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) and Microsoft System Center, the AVX7600 virtualized appliance gives enterprises a more streamlined, cost-efficient and agile path to ensuring availability, performance and security for business-critical applications.

The availability of the new AVX7600 virtualized appliance coincides with the availability of new AVX 2.1 software. With AVX 2.1, Array’s existing virtualized appliances gain the ability to support both vAPV and vxAG virtual appliances and the ability to mix and match different size virtual appliances. Both the new mid-range AVX7600 and Array’s high-end AVX10650 virtualized appliance now support multiple size virtual appliances, purchasing of capacity in pay-as-you-go increments, deploying multiple products and providing guaranteed performance for customers and business-critical applications.