Arbor Netwrok Wins Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan Presents Arbor Networks with 2015 Global DDoS Mitigation Market Leadership Award

Arbor called ‘the undisputed market leader in DDoS protection, providing a deep understanding of DDoS attacks, trends and mitigation strategies’

Arbor Networks Inc., the security division of NETSCOUT, announced today that for the second consecutive year, Frost & Sullivan has awarded the company the Global DDoS Mitigation Market Leadership Award.

Frost & Sullivan recently published its annual analysis of the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation Arbor Networksmarket, examining key market drivers, the evolving threat landscape and providing recommendations on the top DDoS mitigation suppliers in the industry. Based on the research and analysis that went into the report, Frost & Sullivan recognized Arbor Networks with the 2015 Global DDoS Mitigation Market Leadership Award.

“Arbor’s ability to retain its market leadership position is a testament to its customer focus, continuous research, ongoing innovation and thought leadership,” said Frost & Sullivan Network Security Analyst Chris Rodriguez. “Arbor introduced new fully managed services and virtualized solutions for the enterprise and updated its pricing and licensing model to improve deployment flexibility, enabling customers to grow their deployments along with their networks. These new licensing options will lower capital expenses, enable faster deployments, streamline upgrades, and lower total cost of ownership.”

“Arbor can customize a cost-effective DDoS protection solution for any organization, from the largest global service provider to emerging growth enterprises. Our portfolio provides complete pricing and deployment flexibility,” said Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan. “We are grateful to Frost & Sullivan for recognizing our continued innovation and excellence in the area of DDoS mitigation.”

DDoS Mitigation Market Drivers
According to Frost & Sullivan, as the value of Web and Internet connectivity increases among businesses, the importance of a DDoS mitigation solution will increase as well. DDoS attacks today are coordinated and targeted attacks against specific organizations. Threat actors utilize DDoS attacks to disrupt business operations, communications capabilities and to harass, embarrass and extort targeted organizations. DDoS attacks accomplish this goal by overwhelming the victim’s network bandwidth and computing resources, thereby blocking access or degrading performance for legitimate users. However, DDoS attacks range in effectiveness, complexity, size, frequency and duration, making DDoS attacks difficult to anticipate, prepare for, detect, and mitigate without specialized solutions.

Arbor DDoS Protection
Arbor’s portfolio of DDoS protection products and services are designed to meet the multi-dimensional needs of any organization, from smaller emerging growth companies to the largest enterprise and service provider network operators.

  • Cost-Effective Managed Services: Arbor Cloud offers fully managed hybrid, on-premises and in-cloud DDoS protection services.

  • Deployment Flexibility: From SDN and virtual solutions to embedded security in Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Routers, high-density appliances and a global cloud.

  • Scalability: Starting at sub-100Mbps virtual solutions scaling to 160Gbps appliances to 2Tbps in the cloud.

  • Protections: From volumetric-only to application-layer and multi-vector attacks to advanced threats; continuously armed with global threat intelligences from ATLAS and ASERT.

  • Pricing: Managed services subscriptions, perpetual appliances and virtual license pools.