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Apple’s Unexpected Move: Relocating the iOS 17 “End Call” Button

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Apple has long held a reputation as a meticulous steward of innovation, curating the iOS experience with the utmost care. With each new iteration, the tech giant has aimed to enhance user satisfaction, while often facing scrutiny for decisions that may challenge established habits. A recent adjustment in the beta version of iOS 17 has caught the attention of iPhone users worldwide โ€“ the relocation of the venerable “end call” button on the call screen.

The alteration, seemingly modest on the surface, has ignited a debate about the delicate balance between progress and user familiarity. It’s a move that underlines Apple’s approach, which blends the introduction of fresh features with a conscious preservation of the user experience. The change was observed in iOS 17 beta 5, where the once-prominent “end call” button, an unmistakable red icon at the bottom center of the screen, now finds itself nestled in the right corner, flanked by other similarly sized buttons.


This seemingly trivial shift carries profound implications for the muscle memory of countless iPhone users, some of whom have been accustomed to the comfort of an isolated “end call” button, easily accessible without the risk of errant taps. With this adjustment, Apple risks a disruption in the user experience that has been refined over a decade.

Critics and tech enthusiasts are split on this change. Some argue that itโ€™s a minor UI tweak, while others contend that it holds considerable sway over the overall user interaction. The familiar red button was not just functional; it represented a reassuring visual cue, an instant route to disconnecting a call with minimal distraction. Now, with its integration among a cluster of similarly shaped and sized buttons, its singular prominence is diluted.

It’s worth noting that, given its beta nature, the change may still undergo further refinement before the stable release of iOS 17, expected to coincide with the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 15. Apple’s commitment to user feedback and iteration is well-documented, and this particular adjustment might be subject to reconsideration.

In the grand scheme of iOS updates and the broader world of smartphone innovation, this change might appear inconsequential. However, its impact on millions of users should not be underestimated. The ability to effortlessly end a call, an action performed countless times daily, is a small but crucial aspect of the overall user experience.

As we anticipate the next chapter in Apple’s mobile technology journey, the questions linger: Was this change truly necessary? Will Apple heed the call of its dedicated user base and consider reverting to the familiar layout? The upcoming stable release of iOS 17 will provide the answers, and in the interim, users can only hope that Apple, ever vigilant about the user experience, will make the right call.

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