Apple’s AirTag is a ‘hit’ product, analyst claims second-gen may arrive soon

Apple Air tag is the most affordable product which Apple makes. Air Tag has become a successful  product, as it’s been in controversies around it’s safety of being used for stalking. Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s analyst said that Apple must have shipped about 20 millions of AirTag units in 2021. Air Tag shipments have gradually grown since 2021. Estimations of Air Tag reached about 20 million & 35 million in 2021 & 2022. Air Tag didn’t receive much attention as compared to other apple products. In Apple’s portfolio Air Tag is a hit product if it’s estimates are accurate than 55 million in two years.


Apple could develop a second generation of Air Tag with the new features if the shipment continuously grow. Apple has brought several updates and features for Air Tag. Apple launched an exclusive app from which you’ll get to know who is the owner of the Air Tag.

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