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Apple Podcasts now allows users to access podcast transcripts directly on iOS 17.4

With the rollout of the latest iOS 17.4 update, Apple has unveiled a host of enhancements for iPhone users, including the integration of automatic transcripts within the Apple Podcasts app.

This new feature revolutionizes the podcast listening experience by offering users the ability to access episode transcripts directly within the app. Now, listeners can easily follow along with podcast content, even if they encounter dialects or accents that may be challenging to understand. Moreover, creators no longer need to spend valuable time manually transcribing episodes, as Apple’s AI technology seamlessly generates accurate transcripts at no additional cost.

For those who have updated to iOS 17.4, here’s a comprehensive guide on maximizing the benefits of the new transcript feature in Apple Podcasts:

The standout feature of the Apple Podcasts transcript functionality is its ability to synchronize with the episode playback, highlighting each word or sentence as it is spoken. This real-time display significantly enhances comprehension and engagement with the podcast. Additionally, users can swiftly navigate to specific segments of the episode by simply tapping on the corresponding text.

Furthermore, individuals have the option to select portions of the transcript or the entire transcript itself and share it with their contacts via popular messaging platforms like iMessage and WhatsApp. Additionally, the app facilitates in-app translation of transcript excerpts, although this feature currently supports only a limited number of languages.

For iPhone users running iOS 17.4 and utilizing the latest version of the Podcasts app, transcripts are automatically enabled. Upon selecting a desired podcast, the transcript will seamlessly appear alongside the audio content. Should users prefer to view the transcript in plain text format, they can access this option by clicking on the hamburger menu located in the app’s top right corner and selecting “view transcript.”




Currently, there is no built-in option to hide the transcript display. However, users can switch to a view that showcases additional episodes from the playlist by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Moreover, transcripts serve as a practical tool for quickly locating specific phrases or words within an episode, facilitating efficient episode revisits. Users can easily navigate to desired sections by conducting a keyword search within the transcript.

Designed with accessibility in mind, transcripts offer enhanced readability and comprehension, particularly benefiting individuals with hearing impairments. Should users encounter inaccuracies or discrepancies within a transcript, they can promptly report such issues to Apple via a long-press action on the respective text segment.

Overall, Apple’s introduction of automatic transcripts aims to entice iPhone users to leverage the native Podcasts app over third-party alternatives like Spotify. Additionally, this feature is poised to incentivize more content creators to distribute their podcasts through Apple Podcasts, fostering a more robust ecosystem within the platform.

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