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Apple plans to unveil a new Safari browser assistant for iPhones with the release of iOS 18

The highly anticipated iOS 18 is anticipated to mark a significant milestone in the evolution of iPhones, with the introduction of a new Safari browsing assistant being highlighted as one of its key features. Enthusiastic iPhone users are eagerly anticipating the release of the new operating system, iOS 18. This update is expected to be the most extensive software upgrade ever offered by Apple for its iPhone lineup, with ongoing leaks fueling excitement and speculation about its new features. Among the latest rumors is the possibility of Apple introducing a dedicated Safari browsing assistant for iPhones with iOS 18, adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming release.

According to recent findings by tipster Nicolás lvarez in Apple’s backend code, iOS 18 may include a new Safari browsing assistant. In a post on X, lvarez shared insights, stating, “Coming in iOS 18: – ‘Safari browsing assistant’ – ‘Encrypted visual search.’ Both features seem to use the Private Relay infrastructure to send data to Apple (so that they don’t know your IP?).” This discovery was further corroborated by Aaron Perris from MacRumors, although specific details about how the feature will function remain undisclosed.

The potential integration of a browsing assistant in Safari aligns with ongoing speculations about the introduction of new generative AI features in iOS 18. If confirmed, the AI assistance would resemble existing features seen in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, which incorporates a Copilot feature powered by GPT-4 and Arc Search. Additionally, lvarez identified a function named “Encrypted Visual Search” in the code, although its precise functionality has yet to be clarified.

In addition to the speculated improvements in AI assistance, iOS 18 is expected to introduce several significant updates across various applications. These updates may include AI integration in Apple Music for personalized playlist curation based on user preferences, as well as AI-powered enhancements in stock apps like Mail and Notes for improved functionality. Siri is also anticipated to undergo a substantial upgrade with the integration of large language models (LLMs), enhancing its conversational capabilities and integration with Shortcuts.

Furthermore, rumors suggest potential improvements in messaging capabilities, such as enhanced video quality and read receipts for messaging Android users through rumored RCS support. iOS 18 might also offer users greater customization options for the home screen, similar to features available on Android devices, allowing users to create blank spaces and customize icon arrangements for a personalized experience.

Other speculated features include “Adaptive Voice Shortcuts,” adjustable font sizes across more apps, potential enhancements for AirPods Pro resembling hearing aids, and improvements in Apple Maps with features like custom route planning and the addition of topographic maps.

While Apple has yet to confirm which iPhone models will support iOS 18, rumors suggest that a wide range of devices, including models from 2018 and later, could be eligible. However, the inclusion of specific models like the iPhone XS and XR remains uncertain.

It’s essential to note that these features are speculative, and more information is expected to emerge in the weeks leading up to WWDC 2024, scheduled from June 10 to 14.

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