Apple moving towards iWatch; applies for trademark

iwatchCUT_2497756bApple has applied to register the trademark of iWatch in Japan.  The gadget is being marked as the first gadget in post Steve Jobs era.

The anticipated wrist watch shows the growing interest of Silicon Valley in wearable technology. Speculation over the iWatch has gathered pace this year after Jobs’s successor as chief executive, Tim Cook, described wearable products as “profoundly interesting.” His rivals clearly feel the same way, with Google and Microsoft already developing watch-like products, setting the stage for a battle royal already described as “the new platform war”.

It is also rumored that Apple iWatch will work on biometrics concept and deep integration with existing iOS devices. The wearable design of this watch will help in offering secure biometrics functionality and user identification. Instead of OLED panels this gadgets is rumored to function on GF2 technology which is similar to the technology used in iPod nano and iPad mini. Basically is a format which is well suitable for small screened devices.