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Apple is said to have acquired DarwinAI as part of its foray into the competition for AI dominance

Apple’s stock, AAPL, saw a 1% increase on Thursday following reports of the company’s acquisition of DarwinAI, a Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) startup. This move is seen as a significant development in Apple’s efforts to establish a stronger presence in the rapidly expanding AI market.

According to Bloomberg, Apple completed the acquisition of DarwinAI in early 2024, bringing onboard numerous employees from the AI startup. This acquisition signals Apple’s strategic intent to leverage AI technology to enhance its products and services.

Compared to industry giants like Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Apple has been perceived as somewhat behind in integrating AI technology into its offerings.

During Apple’s recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook hinted at the company’s plans in the AI space, mentioning that there are exciting developments in the pipeline that will be revealed later in the year. Cook emphasized the significant potential for Apple in the realm of AI, highlighting the company’s ongoing internal efforts in this domain.

While specific details about Apple’s AI initiatives have not been disclosed, Cook’s comments suggest that the company is actively working on incorporating AI capabilities into its products and services. He stressed the importance of not revealing too much prematurely, indicating that Apple aims to strategically position itself in the AI market without rushing ahead of its plans.

Analysts from Bank of America have expressed optimism about Apple’s prospects, giving the company a “buy” rating. They anticipate a surge in iPhone upgrades driven by the integration of AI features in Apple’s devices, particularly in 2025.

Despite the recent uptick in share price, Apple’s stock has faced some challenges since the beginning of 2024, with a decline of over 6%. However, over the past year, the stock has demonstrated resilience, posting a gain of 13%.

In summary, Apple’s acquisition of DarwinAI underscores the company’s commitment to capitalizing on AI technology to drive innovation in its product ecosystem. With CEO Tim Cook hinting at upcoming developments and analysts optimistic about the potential for AI-enabled iPhone upgrades, Apple appears poised to make significant strides in the AI race.

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