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Apple is reportedly working on a smart display for smart home control and several smart home accessories

Apple just unveiled its newest smart speaker earlier today, but a recent report shows that the corporation has much more ambitious plans for the smart home. Apple is developing a number of products to help it compete with Google and Amazon in the market, according to the ever-present “people with knowledge of the plans.”

A smart display that is effectively a low-end iPad that can be mounted on walls or other surfaces using “magnetic fasteners” will be the first step in the upcoming drive. This will be able to play films, manage FaceTime calls, and control your smart home appliances like thermostats and lights.

This device will exist because there are already products like the Echo Show and Nest Hub on the market that are similar to it. These countertop and wall mounted appliances appear to be becoming more and more popular. Apple’s smart display is rumoured to debut the following year.

Apple might possibly be thinking on creating a “home stand” for the current iPads. Apple employees have also talked about much bigger smart home displays, although it doesn’t appear that any decisions have been taken on their release.

The upcoming version of the Apple TV, which is anticipated to release in the first part of next year, would reportedly feature a speedier processor while maintaining the same design as the present model. Another product that combines an Apple TV box with a smart speaker and a FaceTime camera is in development, but there have been a number of setbacks in this project; the release date of the finished product, which was originally planned for this year, is now uncertain.

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