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Apple iPhone emerges unscathed after falling from 16,000 feet from Alaska Airlines flight

In a remarkable incident, an iPhone survived a fall from 16,000 feet after an Alaska Airlines flight experienced mid-air depressurization. The phone, along with other objects, fell from the aircraft but was discovered undamaged by Seanathan Bates, a resident of Portland. Bates found the iPhone on Barnes Road, near the reported debris area of the aircraft.

Despite the substantial drop, the iPhone showed no signs of scratches, with its cover and screen protector intact. The device was in Airplane Mode and unlocked when discovered, containing travel confirmation and baggage claim information for Flight 1282, confirming it belonged to an Alaska Airlines passenger.






Apple iPhone survives 16,000 feet drop from Alaska Airlines flight with 'no  scratches' - BusinessToday
Apple iPhone survives 16,000 feet drop from Alaska Airlines flight with ‘no scratches’

The incident occurred during an Alaska Airlines ASA 1282 flight from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California, where the aircraft’s window shattered mid-air. The airline reported that the plane safely landed with 174 passengers and six crew members. After finding the iPhone, Bates contacted the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which confirmed the device was in working condition and was the second phone found from the flight. The specific model of the iPhone was not disclosed.

Sharing images of the recovered iPhone on social media, Bates captioned, “Found an iPhone on the side of the road… Still in airplane mode with half a battery and open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282. Survived a 16,000-foot drop perfectly intact! When I called it in, Zoe at @NTSB said it was the SECOND phone to be found. No door yet.”

The incident prompted various reactions on social media, with users expressing amazement at the iPhone’s resilience. Some users humorously commented on the situation, highlighting the unexpected survival of the device. One user noted, “How is this possible? I’ve dropped my iPhone off the kitchen table and it didn’t make it,” while another quipped, “Gives a whole new meaning to AirDrop.” Another user humorously remarked, “Great iPhone ad.”

This incident raised eyebrows and sparked discussions on the durability of smartphones, especially considering the extreme circumstances under which the iPhone remained unscathed. It serves as a testament to the robust build and protective features of the device, capturing the attention and imagination of online communities.

As the story gained traction, netizens continued to share their thoughts and speculations on the extraordinary survival of the iPhone, turning the incident into a topic of interest and conversation across various platforms. The unexpected tale of a smartphone defying a 16,000-foot fall added a unique and intriguing chapter to the realm of unusual technological occurrences.

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