APLEX Industrial Panel PCs Deploy Intel 3rd Gen Processor

aplex1-1-14APLEX Technology Inc. announced APLEX industrial Panel PC – APC-3X19 series with Intel 3rd generation Corei (Ivy Bridge)socket G2 up to Core i7 processor and paired with Intel HM77chipset.  The APC-3X19 series has advancedfeatures of computing capabilities, reliability, andprovides outstandingperformance.  Moreover, it consists of three selections of panel sizes, 15”, 17” and 19”, making the newest APC-3X19 series ideal for wider environment applications.

The APC-3X19 series takes advantages of Intel Ivy bridge that have better performance, with more features built into right on the chip and it takes less power consumption than previous design (2nd Sandy bridge) and provides up to twice as fast in visual applications.   For instance, one of the enhanced benefits from Ivy Bridge is security feature which makesthe newest APC-3X19 able to be upgraded to 16~32 channels video capture for surveillance usage.  Besides platform enhancement, the newest APC-3X19 seriesremains the original design such as 2 x 2.5” SATA HDD space and 1 x external CF slot fordata backup and storage, 1 x mini-PCIe slot on board, 1 x PCIe x 16 (default) and 1 x PCI slot for option, ensuring a variety of external peripheral devices. 

Powered by Intel 3rd generation Ivy Bridge and supports up to Core i7 3630QM 2.4GHz with DDR3 memory up to 8GB, the newest APC-3X19 series is well suited to be implemented in factory automation applications where in assembly line, system control and vision machine.  Moreover, the newest APC-3X19 series with IP65 certified front panel enables it suitable for harsh environment, and featured LED backlight, four USB ports, two LAN for an ease of connection to other units.  With a wide range of DC power input from 9 to 32V, the newest APC-3X19 series is compatible with 12V/24V application requirements.  The OS supportsWindows XP embedded, Windowsembedded standard 7, Windows 7 Pro for embedded and the newest APC-3X19 seriesis deal for digital surveillance, data/image acquisition, factory automation andindustrial applications.


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