Android SDK For Wearable Tech On The Horizon

www.geeksugar.com_Google has helped put wearable technology well and truly in the front line.  The impact that Google Glass has had already and it has not even been released yet, is massive.  The company is aiming to march forward and take an active stand in the wearable tech market, because in approximately two weeks, the technology giant will be releasing an Android-based SDK, which will expressly target wearable devices such as Glass.  Once that happens, the field will be blown wide apart.

The announcement came at SxSW from Google SVP Sundar Pichai. According to Pichai, the wearable SDK will assist developers connect up different sensors that can be located in wearable devices.  This streamlines how the developers will access sensor data.

Pichai did not comment at all on rumours of a Google Smartwatch. And whist this upcoming SDK may be taken by some as a good sign of the device, the SDK is not intended to be tied predominantly to a Smartwatch. The SVP said that when Google mentions wearables, the firm is thinking of a broader range of possible applications.

The coolest types of wearable devices that have come to the fore recently, include Smart-glasses and Smart-watches, but why stop there? There have already been concepts for Smart jewellery.  Google themselves are working on glucose sensing contact lenses. The upshot is that Google is leaving the door open for developers to be as creative as they want.  The kit will be based on Android, but just what kind of SDK will be released is yet to be seen.


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