January 22, 2021

Android One users will First Get Android 5.1 Update

Google has announced that Android One users will be the first ones to get Android 5.1 update. Android One users, who have been waiting for their share of Android 5.0, will jump straight to Android 5.1 update.

Android oneGoogle has so far not announced any details of Android 5.1. This latest version of Android was first spotted on the Android One Indonesia website. The upcoming version of Android was first seen as a part of the phone specifications and later was spotted in the live images on the new Android One smartphones.

From what the images of the Android One launch event depict, Android 5.1 doesn’t seem to bring many visual changes. The update, however, seems to be fixing the bugs as expected. The Indonesian users of Android One will get Android 5.1 preloaded on their devices. The Android One users in the other parts of the world need to wait for their share of update, that will be rolled-out over-the-air (OTA).