Android 12 Design Leaks


Source: Google

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Image Source: Google

Google’s Android 12 is already under development but ahead of developer’s preview or beta versions, leaks have begun.

A reports by XDA shows some screenshots of the new version of the android software. Those screenshots show us a completely changed interface.

This update is expected to focus more on the back end rather than the front end, the visuals. The last biggest changes were observed in Android 4 and Android 5.

The new changes in the Android 12 is also expected to pay more attention to the privacy matters. Certain icons, colors and element have also changed.

The addition of toggle in the menu bar also seems like an good option, like to disable camera and mute microphone. There are some “conversion widgets” too which Google plans to make mandatory for all the Android 12 phones.

The widgets are mainly the app shortcuts that may provide details on pending calls, messages and other notifications too.

Google may plan to release the Developer Preview of the Android 12 in the next few weeks, then will know more about this update.