An International Talk has been organized on “Free Software and Your Freedom”

2 An International  talk has been organized with the help of Rajasthan Information Technology Organization(RITO)  and
FossYatra on 15 December 2014 at Maharana Pratap Auditorium  under chairperson Dr. Richard Matthew  Stallman (President FSF,USA). In this , students of many colleges of city were participate and achieving  knowledge about free software And Freedom and also know about their future importance.

 This Event is attended  by   IT HODs of different Colleges,IT Partners,IT Software representatives,
 Mr. Ashok Jain(Judge Labor court),Mr. Tarun Taunk (President of RITO) ,Mr. Anand Tater (Director  Reboot INC.)and  G.T. Rao(FossYatra) .

 In this event Dr. Stallman said that free software  or licenced free software respects  Freedom but3 it does not have  any direct relationship with money & cost. He also says that if knowledge about free software has been provided in  colleges & education organizations then education level not only developed but also less weight for organizations  and better carrer opportunities are provided in IT Sector.

Dr. Richard Says that today propritery software has been covered into market so that their will be restriction to use  that softwares. Education is a sector if where promotion of free software will be done in a better way then it will be  better for future of  making IT Enabled  and there will be less requirements for high specification computers for  free softwares  so that e-waste is also less generate.

Dr. Richard Methew tell about GNU and FSF organization and also provide knowledge about Genral Licence  Policy.

Mr. Ashok jain (Judge Labor court)says that training of free software has been given to all judges of court and such kinds of softwares are use in court so that Budget of I.T Govt. Is spend more on hardware and less in softwares.

1In this Talk, Mr. Tarun Taunk (President Of RITO) says that free software is better option for those social persons  who are not capable for purchase propritory software and those who have not required these type of high technology softwares. He also says that cause of free software user have not any requirement to upgrade their computers and both softwares are their own needs but they use where their needs.