March 6, 2021

Amkette launches Trubeats Air, for a truly wireless music experience

High fidelity Headphones with Intelligent Wireless Technology for PC’s & Laptop

Trubeats Air 2.4 headset-new-copy

New Delhi, February 27, 2013  Amkette, the Indian pioneer in storage and multimedia technology, today announced the launch of Trubeats Air, a wireless stereo headphone from its newly formed audio products family, Amkette Acoustix.  The Trubeats Air is designed to deliver wire-free, near lossless audio for an uncompressed digital audio experience. The headphones enables users to experience a studio like sound and produces high fidelity audio for natural and soothing listening.

Built to provide seamless integration with PCs or Laptops, the Amkette Trubeats Air uses Intelligent Wireless Technology (IWT)  to give uncompressed Digital Audio over 2.4 GHz frequency. The  headphone is virtually free of interference and enables two way communication for easy VoIP experience using Skype, G-Talk, MSN, Yahoo and other services through a concealed noise-canceling microphone designed to filter background noise.

Rajiv Bapna, Director Amkette India while taking about the Trubeats Air said, “This is the era of wireless entertainment, hence it’s only fair to have a pair of headphones that can enable a cordless experience. Today people use their PCs to consume music, watch videos, play games and talk to their loved ones, we at Amkette understand this need and have developed the Trubeats Air. The company has always catered to its customers’ special needs, investing heavily on R&D and incorporating consumer insights and feedback to create unique products. The Trubeats Air is an example of Amkette’s technovation and are proud to announce its launch.”

To make it an easy to carry headphone, the Trubeats Air is made of foldable soft ear buds, also an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion batteries, enables up to 11 hours of music and can be easily recharged using any USB charger. The Amkette Trubeats Air is available across all digital outlets for Rs. 2895.

Key Features –

• Works on Intelligent Wireless Technology (IWT)   

• Perfect for Gaming, Skype and other VoIP

 • Simple Plug-n-Play device

•  Concealed Microphone  

•   Long Lasting Battery         

•   Comfort to the Ears

•    Easy Portability