AMKETTE Launches 4K EvoFox GameBox for TVs in India

Amkette, a leading convergence technology company in India, has today announced the launch of EvoFox Game Box – a 4K Ultra HD gaming console, powered by a Quad Core A55 ARM processor, in the Indian market for INR 9,999. The EvoFox Game Box will be exclusively available on and Flipkart from 8th of January, 2020.

With Amkette’s commitment to bringing innovation to everyone, the Game Box offers games for kids, teens, adults, families as well as multiplayer or solo users. Along with being smartly priced, the Game Box has 100’s of preloaded Games. In addition one can download hundreds of Games from Google Play Store and thousands of Classic games as well. Focusing on affordable Gaming on the biggest screen and ease of use, the ‘Plug and Play’ gaming experience takes you from unboxing to gameplay within ten minutes.

The gamebox supports a 4K video output, and 5.1 channel surround sound, enabling users to have a flawless experience. In addition, it supports all types of video formats including H.265.

Speaking on this milestone, Mr. Varun Bapna, Vice President, Products and Solutions, said, “We are thrilled to launch EvoFox Game Box at a price point where TV Gaming is affordable for every video game lover. The EvoFox Game Box will create a benchmark by offering a large selection of games, free and paid, from every genre, including Arcade, Action/Adventure, Racing and even Classic Games, in a cutting edge hardware at a price point consumers will appreciate”.

“Since its inception, Amkette has believed in creating meaningful innovations that resonate with our customers. With this product we have taken a step further in this direction by addressing a gap in the TV Gaming Market for casual yet immersive Big Screen gaming as well as re-living the glory days of classic games from years gone by. We aim to continuously improve the product based on our customer’s feedback” added Mr. Bapna.

Plug and Play Gaming Bundle for TV

The GameBox comes bundled with everything one needs, to make their TV into a gaming TV. It is equipped with a high precision Gamepad, with 8 hours of battery life, and Dual Vibration Rumble effect. Additionally, it comes with a Voice Enabled Air Remote with Google Assistant, that enables one to navigate  almost any APP seamlessly.

Carefully selected preloaded games enables one to start enjoying many popular games right away.

Powerful Hardware and Game Optimised Software for immersive Gaming

Evo GamesBox comes with a powerful 64bit quad-core processor (running on Android 9pie) providing 4K video output.

It comes with 4 G RAM , 32GB eMMc storage, and users can also add additional  storage to GameBox via SD card. Additionally,  the GameBox has a dedicated Mali G31 Graphics Processor for smoother graphics. The software has been optimized to give users a more immersive gaming experience.

Gaming goes Social at affordable prices

EvoFox Game Box allows one to download games from the Android TV Play Store platform, thus enabling access to a large number of free and paid games in almost any genreThis enables your biggest screen at home to be used for playing entertaining games with family and friends. With the Game Box, the TV is no longer just for the news, movies, or TV shows, but can also be used for an exclusive gaming experience.

With a price point of INR 9,999, it enables  you to enjoy big screen experience at a very affordable price.