American Defense Contractor and Training & Adversary Air (ADAIR) Support Provider, Tactical Air Support selects Ramco Aviation Suite.

Ramco Systems is a global aviation software specialist. It announced that it will implement its Aviation M&E MRO Suite V5.8 at Tactical Air Support  which is a leading American defense contractor and aviation training and Adversary Air Support provider based in Reno, Nevada.

 Ramco has a complete suite of Aviation Software and Supply Chain Management along with usability enablers such as Hubs, Dashboards, Workflows, Alerts, Notifications and Actions. These enable tactical Air Support and provides automated supply chain activities that were manually managed before. Ramco’s Anywhere Apps on mobile – Warehouse Anywhere, Tool Anywhere, and Approve Anywhere, ensures a real-time data visibility as well as monitoring.

RC Thompson, CEO, Tactical Air Support Inc., said that their business was growing the burden of manual and paper work was getting enormous. After evaluation of multiple vendors they found that Ramco will be the perfect fit. Ramco not only has a deep defense domain knowledge but also experience. Together it will help in implementing solutions defense adversary air operators.  Also it has an impressive list of technology tools and abilities which ensure defense / ITAR compliance.

 Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said that their association with Tactical Air Support further proofs their ability to implement highly specialized software solutions for the Defense segment.  Currently 3 out of 4 U.S headquartered adversary air operators trust Ramco.

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