AMD Announces AMD Power Pack

amd_logoFor the first time ever, AMD plans to deliver 6 processors and 6 fans in one retail box for system builders of all sizes. Called the ‘AMD Power Pack’, AMD is choosing to provide these to the market to help address the needs of the thousands of small system builders across APJ to allow them to receive more value from AMD processor-based systems, by either increasing margins or being able to provide more competitive pricing to end users.

For the channel, the advantages are clear. But for AMD, this showcases the continued focusing on listening to the market and addressing their needs. This allows AMD to deliver incentives to small system builders to use AMD to create the best configurations and customize offerings tailored for a segment of the market that generally misses out on opportunities for savings that OEMs and largest system builders enjoy.

AMD chose to go with 6 in the Power Pack due to extensive analysis that showed that this number would be the sweet spot for our small system builders. The program will start with the A8-6600K and Athlon X4 760K processors initially, chosen because both are very popular in the channel market as they are unlocked for great overclocking potential and are compatible with the FM2 / FM2+ infrastructure. This allows the customers – the system builders that cater to micro-volume PC assembly with less than 500 systems per quarter – to offer some great options across prices and configuration.

Orders are already being fulfilled with AMD partners excited about the opportunities that the AMD Power Pack brings. AMD Power Packs should arrive in APJ by late August / early September.

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