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Amazon Unveiled A Game Streaming Service

Amazon challenged two big multinational tech platforms about its recent streaming gaming service. Early access was requested to gamers present in the United States. Luna uses a controller to the video game which can connect to the games that are available in the web service of amazon. Users or gamers can enjoy the games by playing it on fire tv and even in their PCs.

For mobiles, amazon is going to launch the apps for Luna. Currently, it is priced at INR four hundred per month.

This gaming service is considered to be a good idea and has a hard business model. Also, Luna has challenged xCloud from Microsoft and stadia from Google.

The rate for stadia is about INR seven-hundred per month and recently Microsoft has declared xCloud as free to its game pass subscription at Xbox.


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Moreover, stadia arrives with some additional complimentary games.

As per Amazon’s Luna, the makers are excited to work with various gamers and publishers to make everyone’s gaming experience delightful.

Apart from that, Amazon has proclaimed a gaming channel especially to a well-known publisher; Ubisoft. Furthermore, Amazon is also planning to add more channels to the gaming service for more enjoyment.

You can too stream the games at Luna. This whole video game industry has expanded more especially during lockdowns and the interest amongst people is rising than before.

For hosting computing power in the cloud, Luna was built on an AWS infrastructure by Amazon. The backend technology will be refreshed after every up-gradation added to the gaming service.

Though Amazon is new to the gaming industry Luna has promised amazon in terms of keeping it closer to its users. From related advertisements and after every purchase from the app store, amazon can earn money with the help of Luna.