January 23, 2021

Amazon Launched Latest E-Book Reader Kindle Voyage in India

amazon1Amazon has launched its latest e-book reader, Kindle Voyage, in the Indian market ata starting price of Rs 16,499. The new e-reader is aimed at those who want the reading experience closest to a book on a digital device, but is likely to put off many due to its high price tag.

We went hands-on with the new Kindle Voyage to see if it is worth the price that Amazon is selling it for, and to determine if it has enough mew features to warrant a purchase or whether you should settle for a Kindle Paperwhite. Here’s what we think…

The most striking thing about Kindle Voyage is its design. Gone is the chunky and boxy design of Kindle Paperwhite, replaced by an edgy and angular look on the back and an overall smaller profile. The new Kindle Voyage is the thinnest and lightest Amazon e-reader at 7.6mm and 188gram (3G + Wi-Fi model), respectively.

The front panel has the 6-inch Carta E-Ink screen, with thick bezels on all sides. On the left and right side of the screen are the new PagePress buttons, which we will discuss in the Software segment. The Kindle logo is below the screen, while the top is bare.