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Amazon introduces ad-supported Prime Lite subscription in India

Amazon has introduced its Prime Lite subscription in India, providing a more affordable option for customers. Priced at ₹999 per year, compared to the regular Prime membership fee of ₹1,499, the Lite version offers certain benefits while omitting others. It includes free two-day and standard delivery but lacks free one-day and same-day delivery options available with the standard Prime membership. Morning delivery for Prime Lite subscribers comes with a cost of ₹175, an increase from ₹50 for regular Prime users.

While Prime Lite members gain access to Amazon’s Prime Video platform, there are limitations. Although they can stream the same content as Prime users, the video quality is limited to HD, whereas Prime members enjoy 4K quality. Additionally, Prime Lite subscribers can stream content on only two devices simultaneously, while there is no such restriction for Prime users.

One significant drawback of the Prime Lite subscription is the inclusion of advertisements during movies, TV shows, and live sports, aligning Amazon with Netflix in launching an ad-supported tier. This marks a trade-off for the ₹500 savings compared to the regular Prime membership.




Amazon Prime Lite Annual Subscription With Free Two-Day Delivery, Ad- Supported Streaming Launched in India | Technology News
Amazon Prime Lite Annual Subscription With Free Two-Day Delivery, Ad- Supported Streaming Launched in India

Amazon Prime Lite does not include Amazon Music, Prime Reading, or the recently launched Prime Gaming service. Subscribers will also miss out on the no-cost EMI option provided under the “Prime Advantage” for smartphones and the 6-month free screen replacement offered by Acko, which are available to regular Prime members.

The Lite membership is part of Amazon’s strategy to cater to a wider audience with varying preferences and budget considerations. While the reduced subscription cost makes it more accessible, users must weigh the benefits against the limitations, especially the inclusion of advertisements during video streaming.

It’s worth noting that Amazon has been testing an affordable Prime membership for some time before officially launching Prime Lite in India. The move is likely aimed at attracting more subscribers, including those who may have been deterred by the higher cost of the standard Prime membership. The introduction of an ad-supported tier is also an interesting development, reflecting a trend seen in other streaming platforms like Netflix.

The success of Prime Lite will depend on consumer response and whether the trade-offs are acceptable for the reduced subscription fee. As streaming services continue to evolve and experiment with different models, Amazon’s move reflects the industry’s efforts to cater to diverse user preferences and adapt to changing market dynamics.

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