Alleged photos of Apple iPhone 5S motherboard leaked

French website reveals the expected next-gen iPhone 5S’ purported motherboard photos, which points out a tweaked camera design.motherboards

French Website NowwhereElse on Thursday revealed pictures of what is purportedly the motherboard of the next-gen iPhone 5S.

The motherboard in the pictures seems to have been modified and is very different from the one currently used in the iPhone 5. The new motherboard reveals an entirely different look suggesting the fact that Apple could be working on an upgraded camera module so as to compete with the likes of HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920.

The significant difference can be found on the end of the motherboard that used to power the camera and flash in previous generation models. The components have been moulded to form one piece while it was two separate pieces in the previous models.

Sources also indicate that the new design could be a cost cutting measure, which includes the possibility of a low cost iPhone or iPhone 5S, which are likely to be introduced by the end of this year. There is also a possibility of an entirely iPhone design, for the 2014 model.

The pictured component was sent to the website by Japanese retailer Moumantai, which was also the source of previous leaks of iPhone components.


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